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Aug 26, 2013 8:05:56 GMT -5
We hope that you have found the forum you are looking for, and if it is a good Soul Eater site then I can assure you, this would be the one! Make a thread here introducing yourself to the community!

You're leaving?

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Last post by Boss Dawg in It's about time, me thinks!
Sept 10, 2013 0:04:09 GMT -5
Must read threads are listed here such as the rules and plot. Make sure you stop by here regularly to check for additional rules and updates.

Important Lists

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Last post by Cyrus McFadden in Site Event Mission Sign-Up
May 16, 2013 14:18:24 GMT -5
Events are always fun. I hope. Normally if an event occurs the staff will post an announcement.
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Complete Your Mission

Last post by Tama-San in The Mission Board
Aug 14, 2013 13:44:42 GMT -5
Rules and regulations are always important for things such as missions, which is why you must read these rules. Rules man. We type them so you can read them. Read them. All of them.
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The World around us
Last post by Iris Walker in Chance, or Fate? [OPEN]
Jul 27, 2013 0:01:34 GMT -5
It's just as diverse as the places near home. These boards will be used for missions only.

South America
North America

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Welcome to Death City

Enter the Academy
Last post by Zasha Zody in Star night [Zasha]
Aug 12, 2013 1:38:33 GMT -5
You will probably notice it's strange architect first, and later you'll probably note the strange staff team that seems to run the place. All in all, you're in for a strange experience.

CLASSROOM: Twelfth Moon
CLASSROOM: Winter Moon
Open space
The Dojo
Shooting Range
The Dance Studio
The Running Track
The Library

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Home Sweet Home,
Last post by Deleted in Tea Party for Two [Priscilla]
Apr 27, 2013 20:12:47 GMT -5
Be it at the DWMA Dorms or an apartment somewhere in Death City, or even a Witch living in her own hideout, everyone needs a place to call home. Here is where you will find these so called homes and remember, it's not the place that makes a home, but the people in it.

Girl's Dorm
Boy's Dorm

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Last post by Tama Lyre in Sinking in Madness [OPEN]
Aug 17, 2013 0:40:24 GMT -5
is always fun, depending who you are. But surely you could find something entertaining here, from clothing stores to coffee shops, it's all right here. I would like to remind you again, students, that you should keep your weekly allowance in mind.

Death Records
Deathbucks Cafe
Uncle Bob's Rumba Coffee
Death Robbins
The Drug Store
The Basket Ball Court
The Market Place and Square

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The World Around Us!

Western Hemisphere
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Want to get out of Death City and explore the continent some more? Maybe you want to travel a bit north or south! Here you can visit the different countries of the Americas!!

North America
Central America
South America

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Eastern Hemisphere
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Let's take a trip! Vacation time! Gotta just get out of the country some time and go see different places. New Zealand, China, Japan, Russia, Britain. The possibilities and adventures are endless!


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The Witches' Realm

Training Grounds
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Here is where you may "train" your witch. You can do numerous things here other than that, like social threads or host a meeting all on your own.
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Witches Broomstick
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A pub located in the witches' realm. It is one of the more popular locations for gatherings in the realm. It has a more relaxed feel than the mass and allows for the witches to act more socially.
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Witches Alley
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This is considered like the "street" of the realm. It is lined with different shops and homes of various witches who live in the realm.
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Witch Mass
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Here is where the witch Mabaa holds Witch Mass. All witches not looking to get killed should attend these meetings!!
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The Moon Falls Down

Get Creative
Last post by Boss Dawg in Ad Fun with Ginny(come play with the rookie)
Aug 19, 2013 7:17:18 GMT -5
Have a new poem you want to share or a new sketch you think people would like to see? Then show us here!! If you would, PM a staff member and we will create you your own "portfolio" sub-board where you can post things from graphics to fan-fics!!
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Last post by Boss Dawg in First Monthly Off-Site event!!
Aug 4, 2013 13:50:35 GMT -5
Then why not start a thread here? Here is where you may post things like games or chit-chat that may or may not be Soul Eater related.

Chat It Up
The Fan-gasmer's paradise
OOC Games
IC Games

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Leave your mark
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Come here if you would like to advertise with us or even be an affiliate!

Link Backers
First Timers
Accepted Ads

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The place no one goes,
at least without being staff. That's right, this is the staff board! Here is where all the staff members will go to discuss the board!

Original Site Archives
New Site Staff Archives

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Into the abyss
to be found again one day. Here is our "archives." All completed and abandoned threads go here along with forgotten characters.
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